Intentional Identity

Are you intentional about conveying your identity to the rest of the world?

If you're a Christian, you should be.

According to the Great Commission, Jesus commands us to live intentionally as His disciples.

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Let's Start with "Why"

In his book "Start with Why," Simon Senek poses the idea that what you do or how you do it doesn't matter nearly as much as why you do it. 

Here at Identity Jewelry Company, our motto is "Let the world know." I'm sure you're wondering, "Sooo, what exactly are you letting everyone know?" Simply put, the "what" is the gospel of Jesus Christ. Based on Mark 16:15, this phrase, "let the world know," defines our purpose.

And He said to them, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation.”
— Mark 16:15 NASB

How Do We Let the World Know?

Now, you're wondering, "What does that look like, for you to let the world know about Jesus...through jewelry?"

I'm glad you asked.

For Identity Jewelry Co., this looks like following in the footsteps of our Creator. It's incorporating scriptural principles into all that we do, from products and pricing to collaborations and content. It means creating Biblically-inspired products which encourage fellow believers and spark curiosity in non-believers.

Letting the world know about Jesus looks like getting out of the studio (aka my den) and from behind the screen to genuinely connect with people. It's verbally expressing to others the grace, redemption, freedom, and so much more that we have in Christ. It's challenging other disciples of Christ to do the same, and it's even providing them with opportunities to do so.

It's having customers visiting and living in places around the world, like Texas, Washington D.C., Saudi Arabia, and Rwanda who wear scriptural reminders in the form of bracelets, necklaces, and earrings.

Ultimately, it means walking intentionally in our identity in Christ while creating and cultivating a community of people who are committed to doing the same.

Intentional Identity

In what ways can you be intentional about living out the Great Commission, preaching the Gospel, and fully embracing your identity in Jesus Christ? Leave us a comment below to share your thoughts!