One Thing

We’re kicking off this year’s Jesus & Jewelry Devotional Series with “One Thing,” based on the story of Martha and Mary, found in Luke 10:38-42.

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Why One Thing?

With transitions, such as the new year, it can be so easy for us to try to figure out, think about, strive towards, or accomplish a million and one things.

Goals, resolutions, vision boards.

These are all good things to give our attention to, but sometimes we place too much emphasis on these sorts of things when our attention should be focused somewhere else.

And it’s not some modern 2019 thing. In the story of Martha and Mary, we see the challenge of being preoccupied with numerous things in juxtaposition with giving our hearts to what matters most.

The One Thing Devotional

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As a part of the Jesus & Jewelry project, I will share monthly devotionals on various topics. This month, it’s the One Thing Devotional.

Based on Luke 10:38-42, this 5-day devotional will encourage you to read God’s Word, ask yourself hard questions, and pray about how you can choose the one thing that is necessary in your life.

But one thing is necessary. Mary has chosen the good portion, which will not be taken away from her.
— Luke 10:42 ESV

Jesus & Jewelry Facebook Community

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Please feel free to download the devotional and work through it on your own, or join the Jesus & Jewelry Facebook group as we go through and discuss it together.

We will complete the devotional Monday, January 21-Friday, January 25, and we will have a Facebook live Bible study and discussion on Saturday, January 26 (time tbd).