Our Urban Hippie Recap

I’ve primarily sold my jewelry online, but I love events! Recently, I had the privilege of participating in Our Urban Hippie’s Small Business Saturday. Here’s a recap of how the day went!

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Our Urban Hippie

First, I gotta tell you a little bit about OUH.

Created by the incredible I’sha Gaines, a true Jane of all trades, Our Urban Hippie is a “rustic-styled artist studio for photographers, pop-ups + educational, empowerment, & wellness workshops.”

In other words, it was the perfect atmosphere for a Saturday afternoon of shopping, connecting, and supporting local businesses!

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Amenities include:

Open Space | High Ceilings | Great Lighting | 1,800 Square Feet | Kitchen | Bathroom | WiFi

Small Business Saturday

I was in the midst of preparing for Identity’s relaunch, so this seemed like an opportunity to get some fresh eyes on the new collections and direction.

It’s one thing to shop for jewelry online, but it’s completely different when you can touch it, try it on, and ask questions in real time.

And as much as I’m a true blue introvert, I thoroughly enjoy meeting new people, learning about them, and sharing the details of IJC. It helped to have Ken there with me, and a few of my friends stopped by to show their love and support!

Vendor Chats

In between customers, I had a chance to chat with a few of the other fierce, creative girl bosses in the mix. Here’s what I learned, along with links to their Instagram handles so you can check them out for yourselves.

@And.She.Paints - Kandace is an interior designer turned abstract artist. Hence the name “and.she.paints.” Kandace shared that as a designer, she had trouble finding art that fit her client’s style, so she started making her own. Brings to mind the phrase “necessity is the mother of invention," right?! I loved the cohesion of Kandace’s artwork! Though each piece was very different, they all came together to create a stunning gallery wall at OUH.

@ArtbyMonday - Stacie became a full-time artist earlier this year, and she just announced that she will be in residency, working on a new collection and preparing for her first solo show! We had a great discussion about how we’ve noticed a great move of God in multitudes of His people transitioning from employees to entrepreneurs. It’s always encouraging to connect with other creatives and other believers, so it was pretty cool that she’s both. Her work is breathtaking! You can also check her out at artbymonday.com.

@CreatedByRachelV - Rachel creates these magnificent floral arrangements! The combinations were so unique and so beautiful. I’m just now getting into flowers, so I was very curious about all the things - the creative process, knowing what’s in season, how long it takes to create an arrangement. You name it, I probably asked it. Ha! Rachel also makes homecoming mums! It’s football season in Texas, y’all, so now you know where to go!

@MoreLocs - More Locs is a luxury product line for locs! Just what I need! I was excited about them being there. With all the hustle and bustle, I got to speak with a couple of the ladies from their team, but I never got around to buying anything. Luckily, they’re local!

Check out the gallery below for a visual overview of the day!